11 January 2013

The Complete History of the Mizuno Wave Rider

An interesting history into the Wave Rider. I am pretty sure I have ran in each of the 16 models. Including the Wave Rider 1 seen bellow.

The Complete History of the Mizuno Wave Rider
Every brand has its front runner. For Mizuno, that star is the Wave Rider series. When the brand released their 16th edition of the neutral runner last October, it was welcomed into the running community for its innovative approach that has continued to turn heads since the second shoe made its debut fourteen years ago.
The Wave Rider is the longest-running collection since Mizuno’s re-introduction to the US running market in 1997 at the NYC Marathon, so by following its history it’s interesting to note the running trends that have surfaced in the last decade. For all of the details, Sneaker Report caught up with Rod Foley, Product Director of Running at Mizuno, to discuss the history of the Wave Rider and how it’s success and shortcomings have contributed to making it the leading performance shoe it is today.
This is everything you ever wanted to know about your favorite neutral running shoe, The Complete History of the Mizuno Wave Rider.

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