8 January 2013

Welcome to 2013

Time to catch up.

At the tail end of 2012 I have had a number of pleasant happenings.

First off, I am super pleased to introduce 'TRON' my new steed for the 2013 season. Tron is a Wilier Cento SR. Wilier has made some awesome upgrades to what was already a high performance frame. Combined with a massive BB386, the squared-off tubing with 60 Ton Carbon make for a super stiff frame. With the changes in the paint scheme from the organic flowing lines of my last Wilier to the angular lines of the SR it made sense to name it 'TRON.'
Unfortunately the weather has been rather wet and muddy so training has been restricted to Roller workouts or Cross rides so 'Tron' has been sitting idle.

Before the weather took a turn for the worst I participated in a Lochside Trail 5km Time Trial. Set up by Kelly Guest, he managed to get a rather large group of athletes out for the event. As it was early December I really had no idea what to expect and if asked I would have said my aim was to run standard. Sub 15.40. I started out and felt strong from the start. Mainly because of the downhill first km.  I carried it through to the end. I surprised myself by running 15.07. Not bad this early in the season. My splits were 3min km's up until the final km which is uphill....

Then winter set in and along with the winter came the rain and mud and eventually SNOW!
Snow because I made the trip to Calgary with Brianna and her parents. I was lucky to join them up in the mountains in Canmore. What a wonderful playground it is up there. I tried XC Skiing and Snowshoeing. I still haven't tried downhill skiing or snowboarding as I know I would hurt myself and going a year and a half now with no injuries I would hate to hurt myself now.
Post Christmas and post new years, training is back into full swing. We jumped in with Houshang's  group for a 4 hour Base ride with hills. Since I am setting aside my road bike for the less muddy season I am committed to the Cross/commuter Bike. So with 35mm Cross Tires and a 32lb bike it was a bit of a struggle but I did manage to tough it out.

This next weekend is the Prairie Inn Harrier 8km road run. I am excited, no expectations but sure to be a good field.

That is all for now,
Hope all is well,
Ciao for now,
Andrew McCartney

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