14 January 2013

Prairie Inn Harriers Pioneer 8km Road Race

The course description may say "Slightly Undulating" but most courses are described as "Slightly Undulating." I do feel like I paced the race quite well and so if my splits are any indication... yes there were hills. See splits bellow.

Leading into the race I have been battling a bit of a cold which made me rather worried especially in warm up.
At the gun, the pack spread out pretty quickly. Kris Swanson, Jim Finlayson and I ran through the first km together at 2.57 as it was mainly downhill. At the 2nd Km Jim took the pace up a notch in realization of the drop in speed. The third km had a pretty hefty climb up through Brentwood Bay and Kris seemed to gap us a bit. At the top of the hill Jim and I ran back up to Kris. At the 4km mark I made a bit of a move and began to run away. Running scared I kept the gap until the last km where Jim ran back up to me. We ran together both of us trying to leave the other with no avail. We rounded the corner for the final Sprint. 400m to go I gave it everything I could and ran it in for 3rd place overall.

Geoff Martinson and Joseph Gray came first and second respectively. I was third. Jim was 4th and Kris concluded the top 5.
Geoff Martinson,  Joseph Gray and I
Full Results Can be found HERE>


6.06 (3.09)
9.16 (3.10)
12.26 (3.10)
15.28 (3.02)
18.36 (3.08)
21.51 (3.15)
25.02 (3.11)

That is all for now,
Andrew McCartney

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