11 August 2010

Stage 7, 8 and 9 en Aix Les Bains

Stage 7 (Monday)

Stage 7 is a rest/travel day. Like in the tour a rest day does not mean going to sit in a coffee shop, sipping Kave espresso or sampling the large selection of Hungarian pastries. Nope today I hit the roads for a jog through the streets finishing off with a massage which was the perfect pre-flight send off.

Recovery really started no more then an hour after the race. It kind of felt like the song by Cake called Distance as I returned to the race course and rode through 4/7 laps within town while the course was still clear in order to flush out the legs.

Upon arrival in Aix Les Bain, we checked out the venues and arrived at the Hotel. We are in heaven. At the entrance we stand in the middle of a very narrow street as the sun is setting. We got settled in our rooms and went for dinner. We were treated to an amazing 3 course dinner outside under the stars in a rather fairytale scene.

Stage 8 (Tuesday)

Settled in Aix Les Bain, we were up early for breakfast and walked down to the outdoor pool for a 4km flush set. Lots of drills today just to keep form. We finished off with a warm down in the lake steps away from the pool. I came home for a nap and woke up for an amazing Lunch.

After a long digestion, Jeff and I hit the road for a fantastic ride out along the lake. We started out climbing out of Aix Les Bains and descended down to the lake. Riding along the lake was a dream. Riding along cliffside we wove in and out amongst the rocks, through tunnels over train tracks and along vineyards. I had an image in my head before I came of what it would be like to ride in France. I am not disappointed. It is exactly what I pictured. Jeff said I was smiling the entire ride. Not surprised.

Another fantastic prepared dinner concluded the day.

Stage 9 (Wednesday)

Todays stage began with a swim set at the outdoor pool. As of lately I have felt rather flat in the water. So it was good to swim some fast 50s and tick along nicely on a set of 400s. Sleep has been full nights but I have been waking up rather un-rested so I settled for a nap after the swim.

After another delicious 3 course lunch Jeff and I digested and then went for a nice run along the board walk. We finished the run with 6 accelerations. It always feels good to stretch out the legs with some accelerations. Here is some film of one of the strides.

Till next time,
Ciao for now,
Andrew McCartney

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