9 August 2010

Stage 6 (World Cup)

Certainly not the way I had hoped it to unfold but I did what I could do with the cards that had been delt. I took a risk that I had to take today. Worked a bit but it was too little too late.

So here is what happened....

First off I have never been beat up so bad in the swim. My mouth was bleeding after a kick to the face and pretty sure someone gave me a swift kick "down south." I cursed the tri gods when this happened. I ended up exiting the water in a rather sluggish 7th place. With a not so speedy transition I found myself riding alone with a New Zealand athlete who was content to wait for second pack. Eventually I ended up in a pack of about 65 guys. With all the big names. I didn't want to finish the ride with them. I had to try and break away or else the chances of a good placing would be slim. So I attacked the pack once which was unsuccessful then a second time which stuck. Three of us stayed away for the final 6 kilometers of the ride creating a 30 sec gap.(Most certainly not enough) I ran hard building as I went for a mediocre run split.

I am making a list. A list of positives and negatives. I will make the changes that are needed for Geneva. Thankfully Geneva will have lots of hills. But in the words of Christian Vandeveld, "How can you look 7 stages down the road when there are 6 stages before then."

And so I need to get recovering 7 days till Geneva. Dinner, Ice bath, massage and sleep.

Ciao for now,

Andrew McCartney

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