7 August 2010

"Challenge is a dragon with a gift in its mouth. Tame the dragon and the gift is yours." - Noela Evans

Since arriving here, I have discovered Nutella. This on Puffaszlott Buza (rice crackers) is brilliant. In the race hotel heading down to the continental breakfast is always fun. The rooms are packed with cliques of different languages and nationalities. You have the Japanese table, the German table, the aussie table and on n’on.
Stage 3 (Thursday)
Stage 3 belonged to some bad Yogurt or something I may have had at breakfast. Arriving at the pool in the morning it began. My body did not like whatever was in my stomach. I struggled through 2km of swimming, walked home and sat in the fetal position in bed. Later in the afternoon I did start feeling better and managed to get a pleasant run in the afternoon with the boys.

Stage 4 (Friday)
After a swim in the morning. I teamed up with Team Ireland aka Kerry and got a taste of what is to come on Sunday. We rode out to the lake and rode the bike course. The first 8km or so resemble something you would see in the Paris- Roubaix. Bumpy bumpy bumpy. After this things smooth out but get much more technical. 11 corners per lap including chicanes, roundabouts, a 180 and many 90degree corners. The run is quite similar. 4 laps with many corners through town.

The stage finished with weather that I have never experienced in my life. One moment it is sunny as can be. But standing at my window a massive wind just picked up bringing with it a massive cloud. Tiszaujvaros turned to night. Thunder and lightning filled the sky and Sheets of rain swept across the streets. Here is a taste of a Hungarian Storm:

Stage 5 (Saturday)
The calm before the storm. The day before a big stage usually means light training with a few efforts here and there. We rode out to the lake for a 1500m swim. From the storm yesterday the lake was full of debris and a tad bit messy. The water is a balmy 25 degree C which means a non wetsuit swim for sure. Andrew, Jeff and I rode home, did a couple of laps of the course and finished off at the hotel.

Today was the Junior’s day. Their race was an interesting concept. It went a little something like this; 2.5km run, 10km bike, 750m swim, 10km bike, 2.5km run. Looked like a lot of fun. Ah the possibilities of multisport!

With tomorrow being the Tiszaujvaros, Hungary ITU World Cup, I am going into my quiet mode. (Yes I do get more quiet then my usual self) I am nervous but mostly excited. I feel very lucky to be where I am and this is such an awesome opportunity. The course is brilliant. I appreciate all the well wishes from home. My bike is ready. I have gone through the race in my head many times now so I think it is time to get lost in the first season of “Lost.”

Till next time,
I hope all is well n’ciao for now,
Andrew McCartney

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