12 August 2010

BB Brunes - Dis Moi

This is a popular peice of music in France. Pretty cool song.

BB Brunes - Dis Moi
Ciao for now,


Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew:

I have a question for you about saddles. After having raced for a few years on a bit's and pieces hand me down bike I finally saved up and bought myself a nice race bike (giant TCR-well it great for me anyway). My quandary is this. The saddle feels "sticky" as in, I can't easily slide back and forth of it when going from riding on the flats to moving my butt back a bit when we enter a climb. I have to physically stand up on the peddles a bit to do so. Whereas, on my old (bike) saddle I could simply slide my butt back. So, is feeling "sticky" on the new saddle what good riding is supposed to feel like? As in, will I not waste as much energy "swimming" around on the saddle and therefore put more energy into the peddles? Or, is the best riding efficiency to be able to simply slide my butt to where it needs to be for the riding terrain. I appreciate that lot of riding is based on "what feels good for you" but I am interested to know about what fast riding or efficient riding feels like to. Anyway, long question that I hope is somewhat clear. Thanks for any incite you can give me!

A-Russ said...

Andrew, for a moment there i thought that was you singing en francais.

I hope we can still get you to return home after the tour. I see you skipping the return flight, opening a cafe and growing un petit moustache.

Andrew McCartney said...

Hi John,
Unless there is a new theory. I strongly dought that a sticky seat would be advantagious. I personally like to be able to slide from position to position. It makes for more choices and easier to find the most comfortable position. Plus it is wasted energy having to rise everytime you want to change position. In conclusion, I would say it is not ideal.
Hope this helps.
Thanks for the question.

Andrew McCartney said...

Ha ha.
Hows it going Andrew. Yes that is actually me... my french has not only improved but I joined a band.

We sure are missing you here! I am loving it. Ha ha Un petit moustache en effet, tres petit et parcellaire. (patchy)

Hope all is well with you.