23 March 2010

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” - Gandhi

First off, a song that is constantly in my head as I swim. I heard it first while getting a massage playing on XM Radio. I finally found the it! Just picture yourself cycling along a coastal road during a warm summer evening listening to this song.
One Eskimo - Kandi

Next on the playlist is a group my sister suggested. I absolutely love the voice and well the guitar just sounds fun to play.
The Cave Singers - Summer Light


This past week has been quite encouraging. Things are starting to come together. Specifically on the bike. I am becoming more consistent. I feel my nutrition is playing a role in this. I have made a number of changes. Mainly just eating more but my daily shake has been moved from late in the day to directly after the first workout of the day. I am also eating a lot of eggs as a post workout snack. 4 eggs scrambled, make for a nice light but effective recovery tool. I got an e-mail from coach regarding the final block leading into Monterrey and it read, "Expect MAJOR Fatigue for the next 2 weeks..." The first week did not disappoint. As race season approaches we have been doing a lot of Bricks. (Bike to Run Transitions) It is a good reminder of how to run off the bike.

 Sometimes as a Canadian I  am embarrassed by my dismal proficiency of the French Language. I have had this awesome French-Canadian Coach all year and I haven't said a word of French to him. So my outside of triathlon goal for the summer is to brush up on my French.

To be true to my word, I am off to the books,
Hope all is well,
Andrew McCartney

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Heather said...

J'aime votre choix de music! I love coming to your blog to find great new songs. Thanks again for letting me use your cross bike while I was in Victoria. Good luck in your upcoming races!