14 March 2010

Training update + Musique

First here is a song that I had in my head for the entire 90min run today. It is a band that I am not too familiar with but this is such a fun song to pretend you know the words to. I sure try.  Fun song, interesting video. Here it is,
Plants and Animals - 'The mama papas'

Now to a band that needs no introduction. I have always liked the the albums, 'Gordon' ((1992) wow i was 5 years old when this came out) and 'Maroon' (2000) Click on Titles for a taste of the Albums. So off of their album to be released late March, 'All in good time' is the following Track.

Training is continuing along with the usual progression. Wednesday began a series of Time Trial sessions. It has come to my attention that this is something I do need to work on. The ability to hold a steady even strong pace. I can do sprints, I can do accelerations but I need to stretch it out. I had a tough day at Beacon Hill on thursday with 6 times a mile. We have taken it up a notch by adding a 300m climb to the finish of each mile. Things started to pick up with a solid ride on Saturday. Within a 3 hour ride we had a 1hour zone 3 effort which at times jumped up to Zone 4 on hills. We finished the hour effort at PISE for a fast 5min run off the bike. Our first Brick of the year. I felt surpassingly strong off the bike getting directly into what would be my goal 10km pace. Nice swim in the afternoon finished off the day. Today the clocks sprung forward. I found out the hard way that when I set my alarm forward early in the evening, it actually changes automatically at midnight. So I was up an hour earlier then I was hoping. Got up, ate breakfast and made myself a double espresso. Then confused I looked at the clock, cursed a bit, and went back to bed with espresso preventing me from sleeping. Anyway I had a strong build run this morning and a pleasant but chilly ride in the afternoon. The day was concluded by a wonderful dinner with my family in celebration of my sisters Birthday. Happy Birthday Jenny.

Well that is all for now,
Tomorrow is the start of a new week and plenty of hard work to come.
Hope all is well n'ciao for now,

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