7 April 2010

"To accomplish great things we must first dream, then visualize, then plan... believe...act!" - Alfred Montapert

First off is an awesome song by yet another Australian Band. (Wow Australia is really putting out some good Alternative bands) Two especially good songs that I like are, "Science of Fear" and the track in the video below.

The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition

Now I might lose the respect of the Alternative music purists but I enjoy listening to all genres from Indie to Country. The lead singer of Onerepublic has a great voice and some of their songs are just well orchestrated.

OneRepublic - Secrets (see also "All the right moves" and "Apologize")


Less then 2 weeks till race day! The Squad has been drilling it. We are all kind of at lands end here ready to taper. We have been sticking to the regular schedule of lots of bricks, kilometer repeats and Time Trial efforts on the bike. I feel my Time trial efforts have been going quite well with help from Wattage. I have a fairly general Idea of what I should hold for each Zone and whether I am haveing a good or bad day those are my goals. It also makes you concious of  spikes in wattage. I try to limit my soft pedaling and to reduce the number of bursts in effort. This will all allow me to be less fatigued off the bike or have extra energy for a sprint finish in a criterium. Efficiency Efficiency Efficiency. This has been the big lesson so far this year.

Near the end of the past week i had become a little hit and miss while trying to keep everything on even keel but I believe that is to be expected at the end of such a difficult training block. This next week should bring a watered down version of the past weeks and then a full on taper. I have been already overthinking the Monterrey World Cup so I will save my pre-race report till a little later.

For now I am off to bed.
Ciao for now,

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