24 February 2010

Solid training and I've got Wattage.

This week has been a great boost for the season both physically and mentally. Last thursday we were running at windsor park for a track workout on a field. We basically did 28x(30sec on 30sec off) at 3min/km pace. This is something we learnt from our trip to Portland earlier. You get a track-like workout by measuring out a more rounded route on a large field and run loops. It is easier on the joints and requires a bit more effort then the track. This past Thursday it was a balmy 18 degrees. I was running in a singlet and shorts. (Very close to running shirtless) Not bad for Victoria in February.

Friday after a strength session at PISE, Andrew Russell and I jumped on to our bikes and raced over to Mt. Tolme for 3x2min efforts up the fun winding road to the top. The effort was high and I managed to climb in an average time of 1min 50sec. After that we rolled over to Ring road on the UVic campus for 6x 1min sprints around the loop. With loads of recovery this is a simple workout...see how fast you can go and hold nothing back. I love it.

Saturday Kyle, Simon, Aruss and I had the pleasure of joining the Saturday ride with Hushang Amiri's Pacific Cycling Centre. With the beautiful weather we decided to ride up to Shawnigan lake, do a lap and ride home. The ride up was a steady/strong effort to the top of the Malahat. It was a good quality 3 and a half to 4 hours in the saddle.

Sunday's long run was a tad bit sluggish but I put in the time and certainly the effort.

Tuesday after another set of 12x100(best average) in the pool, we were back to the mile repeats. However this week we ran 2 miles, 1 mile, 2 miles, 1 mile. Goal pace was 5.20 per mile. My first two miles took a bit of a build running a 10.46 (2miles) 90sec rest then ran a 5.15mile then 60 sec rest I was spot on for pacing with a 10.40 2mile and I finished strong at a 5.11 mile. Sooo a little off the prescribed pace by Coach Phil. But it was the perfect motivational boost. I am back in form.

Today the skies opened up to lots of rain. We were back in "Les Alpes"(observatory) for 6 reps. Today I was armed with a new tool. Wattage!!! I know very little about wattage/cycling so the learning curve will be steep. Over the next couple of weeks I will be getting an idea of what kind of power output I should hold at what zone. This will be a lesson in consistency and a lesson in efficiency. 

Training is back on track. I am getting everything I can out of every workout and my body is holding up.
For now I will get to my recovery and have a nice long sleep.
Ciao for now,

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