17 February 2010

On the Road, Hard at Work

So I am hard at work here in Victoria. The past week has seen some hard work after my three week sickness. I trained through much of it. (which probably prolonged it.) Now that I am healthy it is time to put in the work. The past week has been strong. My focus for the next three weeks will be building some miles on the bike and continuing to progress in the running department. In the pool I have switched my focus from effort based training to hitting specific times like in my running. I use GPS while running. It allows me to know exactly what pace I am holding at any given time. Very handy in such workouts as tuesdays, 6 x 1 mile around Beacon hill park. There may be outside factors that effect your pace. Ideally, you try and get a mental picture of what a certain pace feels like.(Muscle Memory) In the pool there are few outside factors. So for tuesday's 12x100 best average set, coach said, no slower then 1.05. With help from peeking at clocks and hand gestures from Phil. There are no excuses not to hit that pace.

Every day I am feeling stronger with some fantastic weather here in Victoria. One highlight would be Saturday's ride. I had a set workout including some short high wattage sprints. Then I joined up with the always exciting and action packed, OBB ride for a bit. I split off with Tom Skinner and Daniel Sessford and rode through the Highlands. It was a very wet day and riding up into the hills felt like we were riding in the Giro. I loved it. I hardly noticed the rain. To ride with such skilled cyclists is so helpful. I learn their lines and what I am capable of on a wet slick days. Today we were back in the hills only this time it was up the Observatory Hill. We had 6 reps, all about 6min long. I felt strong today, focusing on smooth even pressure. It was good to feel that burn.

So my season opener has been pushed back to Monterrey, Mexico World Cup. This will give me a bit more time to be fully prepared and to put my best foot forward on the world circuit.

For now, I am off to bed, another big day of training tomorrow,
Hope all is well,

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Derek WL said...

Hope the training keeps going well buddy!
It's too bad you won't be in Tucson with the Juniors, we could have slaughtered eachother in the pool for a while :)

Take it easy buddy!