10 March 2010

Long may you Run

First off how about some music from London. This is a song by Mumford & Sons called Little Lion Man. I heard this on the radio this morning and it reminds me of spirit of the west or Great big sea.

Mumford & Sons - Little Lion Man

Previously known for their song, 'Hang me up to dry' here is a Fairly new song from Cold War Kids called 'Audience.'
Cold War Kids - Audience


This last training block has been quite consistent and my fitness is showing it. I feel my swimming is race ready. Technique feels great. I have been doing a lot of sculling as my drill of choice which really makes me focus on taking advantage of my wrists instead of purely grabbing water with my hands. This I feel is key especially for my swimming style.

Cycling is gradually improving and with another 3 weeks build. I should be ready for Monterrey. Also the local, Wednesday night criteriums should be starting up soon. Which makes for some awesome workouts and a lot of fun. 

Running has been feeling quite strong. With our weekly mile repeats I am drilling that 10 km race pace into my legs. I had an interesting set the past week. I entered the run with some stomach issues. Throughout warm up I questioned my ability to finish the workout. I began the workout with the plan to shorten the workout as prescribed by coach. I ended up surprising myself by not only finishing the original planned work but faster then the goal pace. It never got easier, I just focused on mile at a time. I can take a definite lesson out of this and that is, "The body is stupid, it will do whatever the mind tells it to do." Easy said, hard done. And in this case, it took a coach tricking you to prove it so. Thanks Phil. 

This past weekend, I had my first opportunity to get some racing in. It was the annual Bazan Bay 5Km. This would be my first 5km road race since 2007 so pretty well guaranteed a personal best and that I did. I finished in a 15.34. It is tricky, I should pleased since it is a Personal Best. However, based off of training I believe I have much more in me. In relation to the season, I believe I am on pace for some fast runs off the bike. I am excited to run a 10km road race. Perhaps the Sun Run in Vancouver would be a good opportunity. We will see.

For now, I am off, and I hope all is well.
Ciao for now,
Andrew McCartney

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