17 January 2010

1 week down, 2 to go.

So the first week of the camp is now coming to a close. Chapter 1 out of 3 complete.

Saturday and Sunday.
Saturday was a "recovery day" meaning we still did three training sessions but with little to no hard efforts. Simply get the time in. We began the day with a fantastic point to point swim. I dove into the surf and began swimming. About 10 strokes in, 100s of needles seemed to stick into my left side. I either swam into a batch of jellyfish or a school of Sea Lice (As Kirsten described them) In my thrashing to get away, i fell quite far behind. So I drilled the next 15minutes to catch up to the others. I caught up to the second pack and was tempted to try and bridge up to the front but at this point we were way out in open ocean. I began imagining sharks swimming below us and so the thought of swimming alone was ruled out. We finished the swim met up with the others and ran 50minutes back to the Fairmont. That afternoon we rode the Haiku loop plus some, for a 90min spin.

Today our big session was a 90min run with 45minutes of Zone 3 running. We ran a 3km loop in the cane fields. I set a pace with my Garmin and held it. I am feeling the accumulated effect of the first week so I was on the low end of Zone 3 but a solid effort.
Tomorrow we head into the Mountain Stages. The first week has been an excesses of control, unlike last years Maui camp where I began with a bang and fizzled out near the end. I feel I am progressing well as we move through the camp. Nutrition has been spot on and my body has been holding up nicely. The next week shall be an adventure. Bring it on.

That is all, ciao for now.
Andrew McCartney

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