15 January 2010

The Harder you work, the luckier you get.

So a number of solid sessions over the past couple of days. Yesterday we were off to a running start. Nice short run in the am followed by a very difficult swim in the ocean. This was not necessarily a hard workout, mother nature was simply whipping up the ocean. Some strong winds and powerful current absolutely beat us up the entire 4km workout. Even for strong swimmers as ourselves, it did feel a little out of control. I found myself struggling on occasion to keep my head above the water long enough to gasp for air. Still, an ocean swim in Maui, is an ocean swim in Maui, it was still very enjoyable. We finished the day with a solid run in the cane fields. a set of 20x30sec at 2.50/km pace and 30sec active recovery. Felt strong and everything is firing properly.
Today, we began the day with an early early swim in the pool. I felt fantastic in the pool today. (I believe this Video depicts how we felt driving to swim practice. *vid suggested by Aruss) The main set was 2x{200Fast, 9x100 Zone 4} Since this is yards I got down to 1.54 for the second 200 and averaged 1min for the 100s. Shortly after we rolled out for a 3hour base ride which turned into a bit more then a base ride but all in good fun. Austin, Aruss and I finished up with a ride up to Makawao which is a bit of a grind but the descent back home was a fun one. We finished off the day with a run in the cane fields from the house.
I finished today's training quite knackered but after a nap and lots of food. I feel ready for tomorrows challenges.
Hope all is well,
Andrew McCartney
*Thanks Pat for the Photographs

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