29 January 2010

Camp coming to conclusion and McCartney, Spider Hunter!

So the lack of blogging may speak volumes. There has been a cold going around the NT training camp and sure enough about a week into the camp I caught it myself. It really put me in the hole for about a week and then I began to see the light. Monday I got back into training. Though I do not get sick often, when I do, I tend to hold on to it. So yes I have been training but it has been simply based off of effort. Everything goes into slow motion and if I miss-pace a workout, boy do I pay for it. Like in today's ride. I went in determined to make it a hard ride on myself and so I did, crawling home at the end of a 4+hour ride. [Was not intended to be over 3.5 hours] The cold has moved up into my sinuses, I clear my throat every couple of minutes and I think I have had about 3 nosebleed during workouts. [no stopping] We do have one last open water point to point swim tomorrow. Sort of a grand finale. But as the camp comes to an end, I am not too pleased with my struggle here. I did my best, and yes it is still only January. I just know that when I get home and I kick the fragments of this cold I have some hard work ahead of me. My own personal Training camp.

So while we were here, we stayed in this fantastic little house up in the cane fields. Only thing is with the cane fields came CANE SPIDERS. These buggers are big! and fast. I think the video speaks for itself. I have gotten pretty good at this. Pardon the language in the following clip.

Though the camp didn't unfold the way I had hoped. I did develop some mental toughness and being out with a cold allowed me to settle some niggles here n'there. So the upcoming training block should be very redeeming.

Victoria, I am coming home!

Ciao for now,

Andrew McCartney

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