5 November 2009

Training in Oregon

So Tuesday Kyle, Lauren, Simon and I. Packed up and drove down to Portland, Or. for a 10 day training camp with the Oregon Project Runners. The names that populate this team are amazing and the stats that go with them. The facilities down here are fantastic. There is a track in the woods. Thick forest surrounds and fills the center of the track! Every building is named by an athlete like the Lance Armstrong building is the gym and the pool. Tiger Woods building is the golf building and conference building. The Mia Hamm building is the Cafeteria. The list goes on. It is a nice change of scenery and a good chance to get some solid running in.

Day one was a basic introduction. We joined the team for a strength session in the middle of a soccer field then jumped into the pool for a quick swim workout. Later in the day we ran around campus for 50min plus drills and strides.

Day two we woke up to some hill repeats with the Project runners. A set of 10x230m repeats. I felt quite strong for the main set running them in about 40-42 sec each. From there we grabbed some coffee at a very cool cafe in Portland then home for a rest. After lunch we swam at the Lance Armstrong building. Again felt pretty strong in the pool. I enjoy the afternoon swims/workouts. From the pool we drove to downtown Portland for a trainer ride. Nearing the end of the ride I started to fade, hungry from the days efforts. Sushi at Mia's Sushi fixed that. Now I rest up and prepare for tomorrow's double run and swim.

Time for sleep. Hope all is well,
Ciao for now,

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Vincent said...

I'm so jealous right now