12 October 2009

Hatley Castle er "The X-Mansion"

Going into the Second Official Training Week and I am pleased with my fitness so far. At least in the Running and Swimming disciplines. My obvious focus being my run. Already I have had some encouraging runs, in good company with good efforts. Last Sunday, I began with an hour run with a group, through the trails of Hatley Castle. You can really get lost in there. The Film X-men was filmed there and it doesn't get old when I run under the gate and yell, "X-Men UNITE!" Then I get a look of dissapproval from the others. Tuesday was a 15km run with 20min zone 2 and 10min zone 3. I am not too familiar with my zones and ended up running more zone 3 from the start and maintaining. Anyway, it made for a great workout and certainly put a smile on my face. Thursday's run consisted of pure, simple, gutsy, fun, Hill Repeats. 14x20 second sprints up a steep trail on Mount Doug. My old Vikes Cross-Country Stomping grounds. From an outside view running up and down a hill... must seem like madness. Most recently, I had an A n'A Meeting. (Andrew n'Andrew Meeting) Russell and I ran around the lake including a scramble up Bear Hill for a 70min run. Andrew leaves tomorrow for some racing so best of luck to him. Along with all the running miles I have about 5-6 three and a half kilometer swims and a number of 90min rides. So although I notice the lack of milage on the bike my swimming is coming along nicely and am maintaining that feel for the water. Overall, training is going well, having way too much fun and super excited for the new year.

Now for some music....

I am really enjoying this song by Muse a band from England. Enjoy.

Muse - The Resistance

From Toronto, Ontario. Hawksley Workman caught my ear with this sentimental song called, "No Reason to Cry Out Your Eyes"

Well that is all,
Ciao for now,
Andrew McCartney

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