14 November 2009

Back in Victoria

"Live With Wolves and You Will Learn to Howl" - Danish Proverb
This is how I would describe the training camp down in Portland Oregon. Well, I'm not quite a wolf yet and my Howl is more of a yelp, but boy did this camp help.

running w. Bairu and co. from swhitfield. Thanks Simon for both the opportunity and the Video.

So I have never run this much in my life. Honest. I was thinking, 2 weeks ago last year I had the ITband Surgery and it would be another 2 weeks till I water ran. Now I feel I have a huge head start on the season. Receiving advice, and encouragement from Alberto Salazar (Marathon Legend) (See Also) I know what to do and I feel I am on the right track.

I am back in Victoria for some time now, through Christmas into the new year and then off to Maui. Running is going quite well, due to all this fantastic training. My swimming is coming back. Technique is there, just need to build some strength back. I am in a good mindset these days. I look forward to every set as building blocks towards the upcoming season.

Tis the season to build my fitness but more on that later,

Ciao for now,
Andrew McCartney

Swimming On Campus. Short Video from Paulo Sousa.

Thanks to Paulo for his assistance and advice.


D said...

I sure hope Paulo was wearing an orange shirt for the entire trip.

sdubb73 said...

Amac - so the technical magic worked wonders tonight like it did on tuesday
it's been awhile since the swim coach went out of his way to tell me that i did an excellent job

sdubb73 said...

2nite u get a million thank yous