8 September 2009


It is advised that it is not good especially someone like myself to think about the race too much in the days leading up to the big day. You must find distractions. There are many ways to do this, Music, Games and Good Company. I have found all of these so helpful while I have been here. I have also returned to an old hobby of mine. I have always loved interesting photography. How can you tell a story with a single photograph? How do you guide the viewers eye in order to see everything the photographer saw in the scene? You can focus in on one object, make what you find not important blurry. There are many tricks to the trade.

Now how about when you want to show movement, activity, with a scenery and you find everything so important to the viewer? You could take a very wide photo that you may look once at and say, "ah that's nice." Now try taking a large amount of photographs lay them together and your eye cant help to follow the story jumping from one piece to the next. It isn't perfect but nor is the world. People are not standing still all the time. The ocean is never still. The only constant is the horizon and landmarks. In some opinions this is as realistic as you can get. This is my personal favourite technique. Hope you like it.
Till next time,
Ciao for now,
Andrew McCartney

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