6 September 2009

Day 1 on the Gold Coast

After 24+ hours of traveling we have made it safe and sound in the very beautiful Gold Coast Australia. We arrived late last night to our hotel located directly on the water. Andrew Yorke and I are sharing a room located front row center looking over the beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see. Last night, considering the earth IS flat I looked north east out to see the lights of Vancouver. I gave them a wave.... no, to look out day or night all you see is the Horizon and maybe and perhaps a weather system a thousand miles away. Anyway the view is breathtaking. I also find the people watching is pretty good from the 25th floor. You can see the surfers bobbing in the water avoiding the very obvious rip currents that line the coast. And of course the many people scattered across the very soft golden sands.

Sharks....Well my mind has been put at ease regarding the "Landlords of the sea" or the "Grey Coats" I can see the shark nets along the entire shore. But today we swam in the pool. A very nice pool at that. Nice easy set. A mix of 200s and 300s getting the cob webs out. Run along the water with some accelerations then a bike ride before dusk along the coast and testing out the course. More on the course later.

For now I am sitting comfortably out on the balcony with the moon creating a magnificent glimmering reflection on the water and tonight I will let the thundering ocean put me to sleep.
Till next time,
Ciao for now,

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