14 September 2009

U23 World Triathlon Championships Race Report

Not the season ender that I was hoping for, but perhaps this result will sit better in a week or two. I know I can do better and for now, I will sit down and think about the positives and negatives. Here is how it played out.

I began the day sticking to my plan nutritionally. Using the pre-race routine that I have used for both the San Francisco ITU and Kelwona’s Nationals. Andrew Yorke and I rolled over to the race course including a ride out the spit and back with some acceleration. We arrived, and I instantly had to re-apply the 3’s of my number 31 so it would not appear as E1 to the crowds. Minor mistake. Moving on. As we brought the bikes into transition our aerobars were checked to make sure that they were legal. The set up that I had been using for the majority of the year was not sufficient. Thanks to the fast and creative thinking of Gabor, our team mechanic I was set. However with the delay I had 15min to set up my bike and jump in for a swim warm up, meanwhile struggling to stay calm and composed.

We were marched up to the start line and the horn went off. I had a rather slow start. I certainly built into the swim finding my arms while rounding the second buoy. I held my position around 4th for the first lap and after a fast run about and dive into the water I lead the remainder of the swim. I ran hard out of the water, fast transition and began riding hard. As for the remainder of the ride. I simply felt weak. I got all my nutrition in and did what I could, but it was simply an off day on the bike. I found myself entering transition at the back of the lead pack in about 20th place. Starting the run with a deficit. It took me about a kilometer and a half to find my legs and I began working my way through the pack to finish in 15th place. Results can be found HERE. Click Here for news article.

Congrats To Paula on her Bronze Medal.

Off season is all that remains. My body is in need of an off season however my mind is not. All I want to do now is get started on the next season. Coaches say 3 weeks off season; I am willing to negotiate something a bit shorter. ;)

I just stepped in the door from the long day of traveling I better not sleep during the day or else it will be a struggle later so I need a coffee!

Year in Review report coming soon,

Till then, Hope all is well,
Andrew McCartney

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