4 July 2009

Tough but motivated week continues.

It is amazing how the body adapts. So much for my week of destruction. Don't get me wrong, I can assure you I am doing everything I can. Thing is I am doing everything else (recovery wise) right. Then again I am having Micro successes. Within workouts I do manage to Destroy myself by the end. I figure the closer to the end the better though, so that is the goal. Please don't be concerned, I find this therapeutic, it is making me very happy. It is a great feeling. Trust me.

So continuing from my last post here is how it is going.

Friday was a early bloody morning. 5:30 in the water! Reminded me of my swim club days. I must have had some difficulty waking up as I was kind of stuck in second gear(out of 5) this morning. Not too super. 3 hours later we had a moto pacing Which ended up being very much sans moto. We made this a very hard ride. 3 laps of the waddling dog loop. Hard pulls with big attacks and counter attacks and the works. All was well until after a pull and returning to the back of the pack, the scooter came and the pace went up a notch, just enough to finish me off nearing the end of the set. So close. Later, thinking the run was at 3:30 I got a phone call as I was getting into the car, where are you practice starts now. I gun it down to the track, quick 7min jog and toe to the line. The set was, 4x800, and 4x400. Slight struggle to get going in the first set with times being; 2.28, 2.19, 2.18 and 2.25. I redeemed myself in the second set with 400s as;1.11, 1.04, 1.02 and .59 Pretty pleased with this as I felt quiet exhausted going into the workout and I managed to pull something out. Some fast running by all. Everyone having a turn at the front including a great Simon Whitfield sprint impression by Swiss Nick on the 3rd 400. Nice running. Again, the effort certainly was there today.
Double Ice of the legs today and an Epsom salt bath.

Today being Saturday means, Thetis for a swim, Bike ride and run off the bike. Swim with Whitfield and the gang included some efforts around the small island which made for some solid swimming. I am feeling better in the water again. It has been lagging a bit since my travels home. Ride at 1pm would not disappoint and I got some interesting Powertap files. The ride was a 2 hour 40min ride at 90kms of riding. Within this time was 2x30min[20min tempo 10min race pace with tactics] First set was very tactical. Everyone drilling everyone. It could be seen in the wattage. Although the average of the first set was 5 watts less then the second set, ( Set 1 260avg, set 2: 265avg) the max wattage was much different (Set 1: 1170 watts Set 2: 770 watts) This can be explained by the number of athletes in the pack. Although the overall efforts for both sets were very much equal, the second set ended up being Andrew Russell and I workout together. So there were no attacks on each other, simply solid efforts on both sides for mutual benefit. Although half way into warm down, the efforts and lack of nutrition caught up with me and made for an absolute struggle all the way back to the pool, struggling to keep my head up off the handlebars. I arrived back just in time with a fast transition to join Aruss for a 20min run off the bike. Surprisingly I felt pretty fantastic after blowing up. Made easier by company of course. Thanks Aruss.
Another swim out with the seals to ice the body and home for a salt bath.

But I am exhausted now, so bedtime for me.

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