6 July 2009

Taper time

Sunday concluded my arduous week of training with a fantastic run early in the morning and a delightful bike ride with the guys in the afternoon. My run in the morning was accompanied by Lysanne motor pacing me on her bike. Starting on Quadra, down to Dallas road, around the inner harbour to the Triathlon of compassion in Esquimalt and home. I kept a good clip running along the coast and some fantastic urban running.

Swim in the ocean and as I was preparing to catch a wink, I got a call saying, "were riding now." Zip over to Pacific Sport as hard as I could to accompany Scotty, Austin and Brook for an hour and a half ride which turned into a bit of a tactical ride as every so often someone would lay down an attack (only for like 30sec), sprint up a hill or to chase after a car. Whatever the reason, it was sort of playful ride, out enjoying the sun.
Another swim in the ocean and off to do some baking with Kirsten, Scotty and Brook. I made Espresso Belgian Brownies, Scotty made sugar cookies with icing, Kirsten made a fantastic three berry crumble (with a couple of my "secret ingredients") and Brook made Mud ball cookies. (Which I can't get enough of, recipe please?) All for the "Kick Nick out of Canada BBQ" Yes, sadly Nick is going back to Switzerland. He will be missed by all. It was great training with him as you could always count on him to work hard. Best of luck with the remainder of your season.

My Favourite Jersey.

More on that later,
Hope all is well,
Andrew McCartney

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