7 July 2009

Paris of the west and Music.

The City by the Bay, Frisco, The City That Knows How, Baghdad by the Bay and The Paris of the West. These are all nicknames of the city I will be visiting next. San Francisco. More specifically I will be racing on Treasure Island a small artificial island no more than an area of 2.334 km2! So what does this mean for the race, Flat with the exception of a false flat up towards the bridge, but super technical! There are 20 corners in a single lap. There are 6 laps, and correct my math if I am wrong but that is an impressive 120 corners in 40kms of riding. The swim is in the bay(ocean) so wetsuit. Luckily I have a new Nineteen Wetsuit arriving tomorrow just in time. The run must be something similar to the bike.

Wow time is passing so fast! Already July 7th! I feel over the past week or so I have been on the go hustling from one thing to the next, completely devoting myself to every training opportunity I get. Never really stopping for a breath of air. Often I feel a bit blue pre-flight to another part of the world, even if it is just San Francisco but I always feel I am leaving something unsolved, unfinished and disorganized. Leaving Friends and family. But wow, what opportunities may await me in San Francisco! It is very exciting. The race where everything comes together on race day? I will never know unless I try.... I shouldn't think so much.... Ha ha. I will be rooming with Whitfield for this trip and there in itself is an opportunity to follow and learn and I know I have much to learn.

Now for some new music.

Check out this fantastic song. New music from Pilot speed. Sounds a bit like Modest Mouse. I have had it in my head all night and I would like to share it with you now. What a high energy song.

And now for something much different. Another high energy song but in a different way. A less happy song and almost makes you feel upset. It is a rather negative song but I believe music is something to show and encourage emotion. This song certainly does just this. May not be every ones cup of tea.

That is all for now,

Hope all is well,

Ciao for now,
Andrew McCartney

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Gregwh said...

Thanks for the video, much better. You put in a fantastic run. I had no idea that Simon could "hanglide on a Dorito". Good stuff.