2 July 2009

Since I've been Back.

Thanks Kyla.

So I return from my ventures in Montreal and Des Moines, and all I want to do is just get going.
And that I did. I have been quite tired as of late most likely due to the time zone change.

Tuesday Morning I told myself(in the words of a friend) Today I am going to destroy myself.

Swim workout was a set of 2x[6x100] set 1 is build set 2 was Best Average. I challenged myself and swam 1.03s across the board. Hard 1km Pull Padels to finish and off to get ready for the ride.

Out on the road I descided to just get into a steady pace avg above 200 watts for warm up. Then the main set was 30min. Steady State. My wattage went up to about 275 watt avg. Then with 6x1min efforts I averaged around 550 watts. I did the majority of the workout alone as I wanted to hold my own Powertap numbers. And gather some info on the type of rider I am. I am learning. I shall gather results from many workouts and look for patterns and averages.

So after a nap and lunch out with me pa. We had a wicked run at Beaver lake. I ran with Aruss and this workout would finish me off for the day. The set was 10min Tempo 1, 10min tempo 2 and then 5 min Tempo 1. (Tempo 2 being faster then Tempo 1)
My legs were a bit numb at the end of the day.

Wednesday, I opted out of the Hurricane Ridge Group ride/race for a swim at the lake. I got smashed at the lake. EVERYONE is swimming well. 5km tempo run then 90min ride to finish off the day. Absolutely Nakered.

Thursday(Today) -Recovery, Swim out in the ocean with the Seals and the sea weed. Epsom salt bath and now a coffee,

Take care you yourself,
Andrew McCartney

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