8 May 2009

Hey, How Are Ya!!

So it is the final push towards the race season and its been a good one. Although I am in need of a taper, the body is holding together. To quote a good friend, "Today I am going to destroy myself" haha, she is one tough cookie. Great line! I did something like that, repeating it in my head throughout the day. Today began with a difficult swim in the morning with what I believe to be the 4th "Best Average" set this week. Sets like 10x200s but today it was 4x300. With some accumulated fatigue I think I did a pretty good job at this with some fast-ish swimming, getting down to 3.27. From the pool I grabbed a bite from Thriftys and drove over to PISE for the Heat adaptation session (TORTURE) in the Mobile Environmental Training Unit (MET). Basically it is a trailer with heaters where we go and sweat for an hour and a half. Today was round two of a series of tests. We all leave the trailer in the end staggering to the lab to measure how much sweat we have lost.(A LOT) Problem is you are left with the challenge of re-hydrating for workouts later in the day or just to get rid of that darn head-ache. This afternoon we had a run at Beaver Lake. Felt the lack of hydration in warm up as it felt better to run with my eyes closed. But I snapped out of it for the main set. The set was 4x1km and 4x400m. As much as I wish km markers 8 to 9 were accurate...they are not. Ha ha. Here is the proof; Splits were, 2.52, 2.44, 2.35, 2.35. What ever the distance. The efforts were definitely there. With a pack like, Ausitn, Jeff, Aruss and I, there was always someone who was ready to push the pace. Some gutsy running. The 4oo's (60sec efforts) were good too with the exception of a close encounter with some horses which actually made me run a bit faster. Just the motivation I needed at that point in the workout. Off to the ocean with Austin for some icing and home for a rest.

Another notable experience is Thetis Lake. Yup that's right Two swims in Thetis so far and a third tomorrow. It is still bloody cold but as soon as your face goes numb you are fine. I must say it is fantastic to get out in the middle of a lake. One rainy morning we capped the swim with a nice adventure run around Thetis lake. At this point I would like to apologize for some of the choices of trails. That cliff was pretty difficult to run down.

So the Yeah Yeah Yeahs have a new CD out with Lead singer Karen Orzolek who can be compared to the styles of Joan Jett or Pat Benatar. The radio has been playing the track "Zero" Which I totally dig. But one track that doesn't get played a lot and has been in my head all day is "Runaway" What a fantastic track. The entire CD is full of great lyrics and a mix of soft and hard rock. Here are those two.

Click Here to watch: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "Zero"

Click Here to Listen to : Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "Runaway"

Silversun Pickups have come out with a new CD called Swoon. Well known for there song, and my favourite "Lazy Eye"(Video here, reminds me of lucky bar) I like pretty much anything these guys put out, I am definitely liking the track "Panic Switch" Click here for this wicked song and the Video. Enjoy. The rest of the CD has the same High pace style. Not exactly the music for a relaxed evening.

Well, I might get back to that relaxed evening. Tomorrow I do all this training stuff again and I may just destroy myself again. I can't wait.

Ciao for now,
No Cotton Wool.

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