30 April 2009

Newton Heights is Hard.

With reference to the last post, I struggled. Ha ha. Newton Heights was bloody hard! But I think it was a successful race / training ride. Newton Heights has always been a course that if you want to win, you will have to want it. But here is the week so far:

First off welcome Paula Findlay to Victoria.

As for training; After the Times Colonist 10km the calves have been a tad bit on the Fritz but after some self-massage, and countless dips in the ocean things are loosening up. Early in the week training has been dominated by some tough swim workouts. One of the great things about triathlon is if your legs are smashed, you can always have a good swim workout as long as energy is there. Tuesday was a set of 10x200 Best average, and each time I do this set I start to get a better idea of where I should start. All were under 2.20 and managed to get it down to 2.14 in the end. So from this I know that I should start at 2.17s next time we do this set.
Wednesday was a bit of a struggle in the pool but the highlight was the Criterium in the afternoon. Hewton Heights, up the hill down the hill for 15 laps. Wow, from the first pedal stroke, from the first hill, the race was on. It was quite simply a battle of attrition, the pack would simply shatter into smaller and smaller packs with small accelerations at a time. Eventually it was down to Nic Hamilton(Red Truck Racing), Kenyon Campbell(Westwood Cycles/Cannondale) and I. With three laps to go, Nic made a decisive break catching Kenyon and I off guard. I tried to bridge it but Nic rode off making it a race for second. With a lap to go, I put a surge in but Kenyon was right on my wheel, worried I would be the lead out again. I slowed the pace down. Kenyon attacked on the flat leading into the final hilltop finish. I barely got back on. I stuck to his wheel till half way up the climb to make my final scramble to the finish line. Absolutely spent. Awesome riding by Nic. Solid day at the races and looking forward to next week. Click HERE for results. After the race I took a little too long socializing and putting on warm clothes that I missed the train home so I rode time trialing in a race against the sun home. With little traffic, clear roads and warm fresh air, I had a smile on my face all the way home. What a hard but fun evening.

Well recovery day Thursday, much needed then off to the coffee shop for work. A month away from the shop and I still have the latte art down. Life is great.

Hope all is well,
Ciao for now,
Andrew McCartney

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