27 April 2009

Yay for racing.

So I have fallen behind a bit. I have been running around like a chicken with his head cut off getting set for the many races that line my schedule. I am truly in the midst of it now. Training has been going fantastic with some solid sets on the track, some awesome riding with the guys and doing the final pre-season touch ups in the pool. I think I am setting myself up for what could possibly be a successful season. So here are the highlights of the past 2 weeks or so.

Last week we hit the track for some speed work. The set was 30min warm up building every 5min. 4x200m 5x1km 2x200. We built into the 200s as 35sec, 33sec, 31sec, and 30sec. The km repeats started faster then I was predicting and then decided to try and hold it. The repeats are as follows: 3.01, 3.00, 2.58, 3.00, 3.02 The final two 200s were both 30s. Scooter down to the ocean for some icing and then a chilly ride home.

That Saturday was a brick workout out on the waddling dog loop. Boy the group was in a racing mood today. There was attack after attack, then chase chase chase then counter attack. Repeat. What a bloody hard ride. Awesome. The only split I got was on the first brick after a 15km hard ride I run a 6.04 2km off the bike. Transitions are a bit off though and is something I will have to work on before Oklahoma.

This past Wednesday was the first Criterium of the season. It has been sunny and warm for ages now. Very little rain and beautiful clear blue skies. For some reason at about 6pm the sky opened up pouring hail and rain making for some slick conditions. I let some air out of the tires and froze on the start line. The race got under way with 12 laps and the pace was high from the start which helped us warm up. I put in two solid efforts trying to break away. One lasting for 2 laps and one for 3 but with such a small pack everyone was ready to chase. On the final lap I found myself stuck at the front so all I could do was keep the pace high as the sprinters came by. Oh well, good hard training day. A lot of work for little payout but that is cycling, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. Click HERE for results. Sunday I had another chance to race. The Times Colonist 10km road race. Besides a 10km off the bike 2 years ago at the Kelowna ITU, the last 10km road race was in 2003 (36.10), so I was guaranteed a personal best. I feel I ate well in the morning and had a pretty good warm up. The race began with a bit of a bumpy start but matched my pace with some strong local runners as we reeled in the pack in front. Pacing was hard to keep track of due to the undulating course. One second you are ahead of pace, next your on pace and others you have a slow grind to conquer. I finished with a 32.43. Good starting point but I look forward to giving it another shot. Click HERE for results.
So that is all for now,
Hope all is well,
Andrew McCartney

PS. Bellow is a Photograph from the early years racing Letoria. Looks like I havn’t grown as I am wearing the same jersey. haha.

Patrick Kelly(Left, having too much fun.), Me(Fricken Ulrich legs....), Scott Dagnall (Right, getting ready to attack)

PSS. Check out this rather new song by Puscifer called The Mission. This is a song with attitude. Great pump-up song. I totally dig it.

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