12 April 2009

Review of Tucson and Back Home.

Strong Final 3 days of work in Tucson. They were as follows.

Wednesday began with a solid swim set. Main set was 2x[6x200m Draft Pack] First 6 I mixed it with Jeff with Fins which made for a challenge dropping some fast times. Next Set Scotty and I worked together for 5 and the 6th 200 with a Manitoba athlete named Mark Okany. A strong swimmer. Anyways it was a wicked swim and some fast swimming.

That afternoon we had a brick workout. 3 mini bricks First two were about a 8km bike ride(Draft Pack) and a 1.2km run. The third was about a 4km bike ride(Time Trial) and 1.2km run. The Winds were blowing hard! Which made for some tough riding especially for the Time Trial. Although my transitions were sub par, I ran consistent and felt fast.

Thursday's highlight was Mt. Lemmon. The Focus of the climb today was a 12mile Time Trial. After a short refill of bottles Austin and I continued to hold a steady pace to the top. It wasn't a personal best but the effort was there right to the cookie shop. (1:50.28)

Friday the final day of the camp was a track workout with Austin. This turned into a bit of a struggle not only due to the windy conditions. But I did manage to build into the workout and make up for the slow start with a slow build home to the house with a sprint finish. Ha ha. Another wicked run with Austin. A pleasant dinner out with the guys with lots of laughs out at Zinburger to celebrate the camp. And here is another way to celebrate a camp.

An Ode to the Training Camp....Enjoy.

So in review, I have continued with this years motto. Though I had a difficult start to the camp I kept the pressure on, over came the lows and I believe I am stronger because of this. The work does not end now that I am home. About a month before my first important race of the season and I will continue with my progression.

Till next time,
Ciao for now,

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Austin Horn said...

Great video Andy! Good times, I'll look back on them fondly.

Peace and Love.