11 May 2009

21 months later....

August 19, 2007 was the last triathlon I did before Sundays event. The Sooke Spring Sprint Triathlon organized by Team X. This was a 700m short course swim, a difficult hilly 20km Time trial through some beautiful roads and a challenging hilly 5km run. The plan was to simulate next weeks more important event the Pan-american Championships in Oklahoma. Strong swim good transitions hard ride and fast off the bike for a couple of kms then cruise it in.

So with a predicted swim time of 7.20(Bit of an exaggeration) I got 4th line in the pool. So starting staggered it began with a bit of a chase. I quickly got into a rythm not really knowing if I was leading the race or not until I excited the pool where I slipped n' slidded around the pool deck to the exit. My swim split ended up being 7.37

T1 was Awesome! Calm, relaxed and error-less.

As for the Bike, I believe I need to figure out the aerobar situation as for the majority of the ride I was in the drops mainly because of the undulating course. Aruss came by me near Otter point and I kept in touch through the hilly far end of the course but he slipped away upon the return home.

T2 was good in-spite of almost overshooting the rack. Quick into my shoes and with some motivation from Scotty, "Aruss dissed your mama!" I responded, "That bugger" On mothers day....
On to the run I felt fantastic. Just smooth, high cadence bounding. I quickly got into a strong pace pushing to the top of the first climb (What I thought to be 2km) Aruss and I ran together for a bit discussing when we should race it in. It was descided that it would be all on at the base of the final hill into the finish line. I didn't want to make it a sprint for the line with him as I am sure he would be stronger, so I went for it on the hill getting enough of a gap to hold on. In the previous heat Stevo rode a wicked fast ride and held it for the overall win. Click here for full results. And here are the swim splits.

It was a nice way to start my comeback into the sport of Triathlon. The way I felt running off the bike is just the encouragement I need going into PATCO next weekend. I will be the underdog these upcoming weekends, but I am ok with that. It is a good position to be in but not to stay.
But more on PATCO later,
For now, I would like you to listen to this song. I just love it.

Hope all is well,

Andrew McCartney

No Cotton Wool.


Joel Filliol said...

Nice job Andrew, good luck at Patco.

Jad said...

Blake in the first photo?
Is Blake Dixon???