22 March 2009

Good day on the road, Tough day on ice and good day on the track.

FIRST OFF CHECK OUT THIS LINK: CLICK HERE. 2min into the clip. So it was a rough game, but the highlight would be the only goal by the Canucks and the 7 guys celebrating. I am the one with the 'A' 3minutes of Highlights and they included us. Awesome!

Anyway, We had the Shootout Yesterday and although I am still not 100% I managed to have a solid ride. Held in to the bitter end. Some fast riding. 100km+ ride, in 2hours and 40minutes. It is amazing how one workout can turn a camp around and send you in the right direction.

After the shootout we drove to Phoenix for a hockey match between the Canucks and the Coyotes. I went in with High hopes with there current track workout but it was a tough game. In the last 2 minutes we either wanted a goal or a fight. We got one and almost the other. But like on the clip above we achieved our other goal of taking our shirts off for the camera. Ha ha. I think this game is an example that everyone has a tough day.

And for today, we had a steady swim in the morning which included a 4x50y relay. Going for the mens 200m record I managed to swim a 22.5. We came up short swimming a 1.33 200. Not bad though. We will try again tomorrow. Track workout in the afternoon, keeping with the situation we did 10x 400m at 1500 pace. I ended up averaging 104-5's. So I have the speed still and it is nice to be back on the track.

Well I am eating lots,
lets keep the ball rolling.
Ciao for now,
PS. Photo's coming soon

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