30 March 2009

Back in the saddle again...Totin' my old Apple Cider

So I have been dealing with almost a heart burn sort of thing every so often and thanks to Shailie, Lysanne, Coach Pat and a bit of research I believe we have it figured out. On a bit of a whim, we came to the conclusion that I had low stomach acid which would explain my slower then normal recovery, and may have initiated with the sun stroke early in the camp. Pat said in Chinese medicine PH balance is very important. Anyways an almost instant cure turns out to be a sip of Apple Cider Vinegar at any sign. I've been good to go since.
So Workouts, my cycling legs are recovering more now so I've had a number of solid rides. But it is my running that is in the swing of things. In the heat of the days, the guys and I have had some wicked fartlek runs along the dried up river bed that is suppose to flow through town. Had a solid run on the track. The workout was 4x[800, 400, 400] I know I may have over done it in the beginning running with company that are above me. But since this is the second track workout in a long time I really wanted to test myself.(The old reach for the moon fall in the stars scenario) Oh and ya I payed for it in the final repetition and a half.
We had a fun run today. (Well for the most part) Drove out to Sabino Canyon today for an hour base run. These trails are amazing! Winding through cactus. Hopping along river rocks along the only water I have seen since I've been here. Unfortunately on the way back Scotty rolled his ankle. Through a group effort and Austin's incredible strength/abs(Ha ha no serious, you should see these abs! haha.) we got him home and icing. Speedy recovery to ya Scotty, who is sitting beside me right now.
And he says he is riding tomorrow....

Well that's all for now,
tough climb tomorrow, I've iced, Epson salted and am due for a sleep.
Good night and good luck,


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