19 March 2009

Can I take the Heat?

With a tough week under our belts I am definitely feeling the legs. I have been here before so I am not fretting too much. But in the moment it feels like I will never feel fresh or "zippy" again. It isn't so much the heat as the dryness that is getting to me. I think I am drinking enough but I seem to struggle to get enough in me. I heard about the weather at home and was thinking hmm I could sure use some rain about now. Then again, I would have to clean my bike.

But not all is woe, I have had some solid workouts (Probably why I am in this state) Including some strong long rides and some solid running along the dry riverbed. Keeping it steady in the pool, loving the short course yards! Makes you feel so fast and is always a confidence boost when you hear your times.

Speaking of motivation, I have just started a book lent to me by my friend Jairus Streight. It is called 'Once a Runner' a novel by John L. Parker, Jr. I had heard of this book before and its ability to portray the passion of running.
So far soooo good.
Well I think I might get to that.
Recovery time.
Ciao for now,

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