14 March 2009

3 Down 28 to go

OUCH Tough start to the camp.

First day was a 5000 Yard swim with some Time trials. So it should be interesting to see where I was at the start of the camp and where I am at the end. Swam two TT's in the pool 100y free and 100 yard kick. 50.1 and 1.06 respectfully. Later we did a 3hour ride. I had planned for a 2 hour spin so it became a bit of a challenge with little nutrition and no sun screen. (It's not that bad)
Saturday we were back at Gates Pass for a 4 hour ride including 5x6min of efforts Scotty, Austin Aruss and I worked like a well oiled machine along rolling roads that stretched as far as the eye could see. At times it seemed demeaning as we were not sure we were actually making forward progress. But we mixed it up making the last one free for all to attack in the final minute. Long grind home for a rest. 80minute run followed it including 3x10min steady. Everyone was pretty out of it at this point and I was no different. Hip flexors cramped up near the end of the final 10min. Finish the day at the La Fitness gym with some VERY light weights. TOUGH TOUGH DAY.

Today we were back at Gates Pass. Only this time we did a loop that came up the back side. 500ft Hill Repeats. We did three 3.54k Repeats in total and the first was a Time Trial. I rode at 8.10 for the climb. I feel I paced it pretty well but there should be some room for improvement. It will be a good starting point and should be interesting to see if I improve on it. The Next two were in draft packs. We held about the same time but scattered as we hit the steep stuff. What an awesome climb. You really feel the burn. (In the legs not the sun) So on the edge of town riding home I blew a spoke on the front wheel. Luckily Austin waited up, called Pat and got a drive home. When I got home I drank and force fed myself, but ended up vomiting and passing out in bed. Got a bit of heat stroke but I should have plenty of time to recover as I lay here in bed.
Well time to force myself to eat again.
Hope all is well,

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