21 February 2009

Feeling good

Ever have those moments where you just think. Wow, I need to pause for a second here and take note of this feeling. This is the feeling when everything seems to be working out. Your healthy, training is progressing, every day you feel you are making gains, you go to your place of work {Moka House or Training} you are just happy to see everyone and well you just walk around with a smile on your face. Here are some contributing factors.

I am back on the Cervelo Steed again! Absolutely fantastic customer service by Cervelo. On a new frame and looking sharp. Certainly no excuses now, I am set for the season. Thanks to Gabor for taking most of the day to set it up and having it run seamlessly. I’ve already had three wicked rides on it including a hilly base ride, a flat 3x20min draft pack session and today’s OBB hammer fest. Yup, when you get a pack of about 30 together you are bound to get some solid riding in. Hard but fun. Oh and I need to name the bike. Can’t be La Dolce Vita II (that’s cheating) but it has to be in Italian. I am working on a few ideas.

I attended an open mic last night at Solstice Cafe which was a lot of fun featuring a solo performance by a friend of mine, Jenny Ritter from the band, The Gruff. The Gruff have a couple of CD’s out that I totally dig and if you are into anything from old-time to country; from bluegrass to rock ‘n’ roll; songs of joy, sorrow, and everything in between you will dig it too. I had a little something I’d been working on but when push comes to shove I will stick to singing in the shower and strumming to my Teddy Bear. Well I am still feeling the lactic burn in my legs which is GREAT! What a satisfying sensation! I am here with a coffee in my hand music in my ears and life is good. I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

Ciao for now,
Andrew McCartney

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Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew,
Got the link to your blog from SQWRacing's page. Beautiful post . . . made me slow down in my hectic day and take a few deep breaths. Thanks.

Go Canada!