3 March 2009

The Road

It has been a bit of a tough past week and a half or so. Ironically, after the last update I caught a cold that put me a bit out of commission. Thankfully, in the later part of the week I was well enough to play some catch up. Still with some lingering effects I am pushing forward with some strong training from Thursday and leading into the training camp in Arizona. Lots of running miles on the treadmill, in the pool and all the wonderful running routs I had missed so much over the past year. The trails are quite muddy but I feel like a kid running and jumping smack in the middle of puddles. I certainly don't mind it. So running is progressing nicely. I have the speed, I need some base.

Swimming...well not much to say except I'm simply maintaining. Swapping a couple of swims for some runs. So less mileage but trying and keep the quality up.

Cycling has been wicked. Bike is performing super well, in spite of the cold I've had some solid sessions including some great group OBB rides and a fun hard one today.

Well actually it was a bloody hard day in total. Began with a run on the treadmill including 20min build and 10 fast 40sec intervals at sub 3min pace + 2% grade. Couple of hours later we were out on the road. Some hill repeats on Observatory then 3 sort of race situations which were fun but hard. Nice to get some tactical riding in. Couple of hours after that I struggled through a lactic overload around the Cedar Hill Golf Course. Great trails, I need to run there more often. Anyway I am toasto!

It is 7pm I've eaten all I can eat, and I've been in bed for the last hour. Its either coffee or sleep for me now.

Ciao for now and Good Night,

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