16 February 2009

Quick Update

So we are finalizing the last details for our trip to Tucson, Arizona. One month of heat, wicked riding and good company. And then we are really into racing season! Training has been good lots of running miles and I am riding well in spite of the “lead” bike and a bit of a cold but my race bike should be back soon. Here is what happened. About a week into the Maui Camp after some tough descending down some technical roads, I was cleaning my bike and found a crack directly down the centre of the top tube. As it is a carbon frame a crack like this can spread and shatter catastrophically. It did spread a bit but managed to survive the remainder of the camp. Thanks to the guys at Fort St. things are rolling and should be under warranty. For now, I am on my cross bike with slicks. I hate to pull out a cliché but it won’t kill me.
Well short but not much else is new, happy heart day,
Hope all is well,
Ciao for now,

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Gregwh said...

Damn Close One. Pele was with you.
What is the fix for the crack, get a new frame? I am a big fan of duct tape but this....not so sure.