19 January 2009

Welcome to the Rainbow surf Hostel.

So with news of beautiful warm sunny weather in Victoria I don't feel as guilty about posting this. I would like to introduce you to my Hostel, a few people and whatever is within walking distance of my current housing situation.

First off the Hostel. Now when you think of hostels you usualy think it will be a bit of a party central, which in some cases is true but here at the Rainbow Surf Hostel it is quite relaxed and layed back. People coming and going but I do get the chance to get to know some of the people. There are a number of dorm rooms that include 3 bunk beds for 6 people. Although not often is it packed. Currently there are 5 in the room. A couple of interesting characters include an Olympic weight lifter representing Canada from Montreal named Francis Luna-Grenier He is here for vacation. Another interesting character is a cool guy from Ireland. Jeff argues he is from Scottland but none the less, he always has a good story and uses the word "Fukin" a lot. He is here for Kick Boxing. The most intimidating one would have to be this greek guy. Where in spite of his tough look is a pretty kind guy and is interested in training as a triathlete finishing each conversation with, "You know...your an interesting guy... you know?... Interesting guy." and walks off. He is here to coach Windsurfing.
So out the front door it is about a 5-10min walk to town. (Paia) It is a one stop-light town with a lot of art stores, the best Natural Food store and a very friendly coffee shop that I am quickly becoming a regular at called Anthony's coffee Co. I have yet to go out for dinner but I plan on treating myself some time.

And there you have it,
training update coming soon.
Ciao for now,

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