18 January 2009

Training Update


So I am getting going on the self massage as the efforts are really building up on my body. For the moment it feels like I am recovering JUST enough for the following workout. Which I suppose is ideal in that I don't want to be fully recovered for anything in a camp like this. Hopefully my body will adapt soon and I won't be walking around like an old man.

So this weekend has seen some good efforts. Saturday's workouts included a Hilly 3+hour ride including a climb up Baldwin as 15x 2min hard with 1min easy. I took a risk on climb convincing myself that I would do 10 but finish all 15. For the last 3 or so we got into some amazing roads. Very steep and switch back after switch back. What a dream, very European and very beautiful. We finished the day with an hour run including 6 hill sprints. This was the first run that I felt that natural running form again. It is nice to have it back.

Sunday we drove 50min to the otherside of the Island for a swim in the ocean. On a regular day you can see everything under the water but today it was quite choppy and the water was fairly murky. It was a good opportunity to practice some body surfing and working with the waves. 3 hours of rest later we were back into the Sugar Cane fields for an hour run with 30min building each 10min. I may have ran above my current fitness but for my first hard run outside it felt pretty good. The footing is pretty tough but my legs are holding up well.

Home for some food and legs up for the remainder of the evening.
Till next time,
Hope all is well,
Ciao ciao.

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Jairus Streight said...

great work buddy. way to make it happen. done and done.