21 January 2009

Training in Surfer Lingo

Sup Dudes and Dudettes!!

Training has been Dank! We've been playing the Dawn Patrol lately up at a cuccini 5:30am for some most excellent swim workouts. I feel pretty marley about my swimming. Most recent peachy workout would have to be the 24x100 build 1-4. The set was Zepherrr! Got down to .55 for a number of the 100's.

Yesterday included a ricked ride which I was totally Jonesined for. We just went up, I was like Nah Brah but they were like Ya Brah. So we did this quantum climb over and over. This climbs steepness was totally rict. So cuccini. This climb totally owned us but totally gnar gnar. Ya it was a big mamma but the descent was cowabunga until I hit a rock blowing out the front wheel which was totally weak sauce but I didn't end up in the Hack Shack. Fixed the tire and was back to happy days. Got home and realized we had a interval run in a couple of hours. I was like, "Kiff!?! Nah Brah!" and they were like "Ya Brah"

So later we did my second hard run out on the road. 15x1min with one min easy within a 60min run. The run was totally tubeular! Ran with ma brah Jeff and we worked it pretty hard. Warmed down though some totally cooleoleol cane fields as the day came to an end.

Well what a hard day. Totally noodled. This sure is no Vaycay but definately digging the training. In the end we are going to be totally guster.

Well later Dudes and Dudettes


  • Swimming going well
  • Tough main set of 24x100
  • Tough ride lots of hills over and over but rode well
  • Descending well inspite of flat
  • Tough run to finish off the day.
  • Feeling tired.
  • Off to bed.


alisha said...

Hey thanks so much for this. Keep em posts coming, find them so interesting. Anyways where did you take your swimming lessons ? I'm keen to take it up while I'm still young.

Andrew McCartney said...

Hi Alisha,

Thanks for the note,

I was a member of Island Swimming since I was 8 years old. It has since split up into Pacific Coast Swimming and Island Swimming. Both are great options. I swam with Island swimming throughout. But I think I owe my swim technique to Neil Harvey, He coaches at Island swimming, Tyee and Masters swimming at crystal pool. His way of explaining technique has always made sense in my head.

I hope this helps and if you have any more questions please don't hesitate to ask. I also enjoy the study of swim technique and could answer some questions myself.

Best of luck and have fun.
Ciao for now,

PS. You are never too old to get into swimming.