4 August 2008

The Plan...

It has been a relatively good start to my plan. To get as many miles in as I can this week and my hard efforts early to recover for the weekend.

The plan began Saturday with the usual Wheelers ride including a hammer fest from Tilicum Mall out around lands end back along Lochside and then normally finishing off with a loop of the waterfront. This is a 116km ride but I stuck to my plan and continued on to the Observatory for 5 reps. Not fast, but hard as anything would be after 4hours of riding. It helped to have a family on the otherwise very quiet hill rooting me on every so often. In total it was a 154km ride(according to Google Earth) taking me about 5.5hours including a stop at Baba Rose's for an americano and a cookie. Riding home from the hill was quite difficult. With my legs on the edge of failure and keep getting interrupted by stop lights I would rest my head and upper body on the handlebars. So I got home safe and gulped back the Protein, made some blueberry pancakes and put the legs up for the rest of the now evening.

Next morning was an open water swim at Thetis. I am really enjoying the open water swims. Simon brought up a good point that the pace is always very "on" these days as we are all fairly evenly matched and If one of us falls off pace there is always someone to keep that pace up. This is ideal as we all improve faster and as "One."

So out of the water and into the Spandex. We rode out Happy Valley and did the Beijing Loop. The Beijing Loop is a fun fun hilly hilly Winding road near East Sooke about 50min long(km's Unknown). It has everything, Long climbs, short sprint climbs, fast corners, a 180, Rolling and a flat section to finish it off. There needs to be a cycling event here. Anyway, a lot of fun, hard hard workout, ride on home for a rest. Total distance 65km.

Weekend total: 219kms

Monday(BC DAY!)
Feeling the weekend I just had to get the time in the saddle so I mundanely rolled around the waterfront while taking in a bit of the festive atmosphere of the BC day celebration.(Approx. 45km) Water run in the lake with Scotty and I was finished for the day.

Week To Date total: 264km

That is all for now,
Ciao ciao,

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