9 August 2008

Tough finish of the week.

(Tired Photo trying to imitate Eddy Merckx Photo)

So It hasn't been an Ideal finish to the week. Although there has been some good quality, the quantity has fallen off.

Tuesday I joined Scotty for 3 reps of the observatory and then I intended on continuing around lands end but just outside of Sidney as I was putting in an acceleration and I blew a spoke. By the time I got home i was off to work. So a disappointingly short 44.88km ride.

Wednesday afternoon I was back at the observatory with the guys. Steady to the cross walk and hard to the top. The pace was fast especially the jump in speed at the top. Recorded times ranged between 5.30 and 5.10. Wicked fast. Although today the final sprints seemed to take something extra that I didn't always have today. Oh well. So I continued to warm down with the guys down town then rolled around the waterfront joining 3 other riders riding hard around to West Sannich I would finish with a smaller loop and back home. So a respectable 1o5km ride with some solid work.

Thursday was a rather busy day with appointments, swim and work so I was only able to fit a 65km ride in. Friday would be worse with work, appointments, swim and a bit of illness. I needed rest. I also had an appointment to prove that it is infact my IT Band. I would go for a run, aggravate it, return to the office freeze it and then try again. It was amazing finally for the first time in 6 will-testing, stressful, exhausting and frustrating months, I was running and I was running FAST! My lungs could not keep up with my legs. Problem was as soon as the freezing wore off the pain came. Wow, I definitely overdid the pain-free running. Good news is we know what to do and all should be fixed by maybe mid September!

So today Feeling the knee and still a bit of illness I ended up only doing lands-end about 65km. It should be back to normal tomorrow and will give me a chance to catch up on some mileage.

Total mileage: 544km's (Goal 600-700km)

So that was the week along with some good swimming. Who knows, maybe I will get a triathlon in this summer. Maybe.

Hope all is well.
Ciao for now,

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Anonymous said...

Hang tough dude, injuries suck. Good luck with your recovery.