30 July 2008

Tough night in the saddle.

Kind of felt like this clip tonight.(Great Movie)

Okay so don't over-celebrate the successes and don't get too down on the not so good stuff. Today's Criterium was one of those not so hot rides.
This morning the group had a tough swim at Thetis, one of those sets that as you hear whats next you are thinking, "Are you serious, how much more can my body take." But I managed and swam not too bad. Jenkins is swimming like a machine. It is good to be back in the lake.

So I did everything I could, nutritionally and physically to recover for the evening's Criterium. I arrived and warmed up. The race began at a comfortable pace for the first 8 laps or so, where I put in a good hard attack, I got a good sized lead but I would never recover from the effort to get away. My legs got progressively tighter and I was swept up by the pack 2 laps later. A lap after that the more wise attacks began and I was up against the ropes. At this point it became a good Time trial workout but with my legs cramping and giving in, I was simply determined to finish. So I did.

I need to make a plan, park it and move on.
That is all for now,
Ps. More photo's to come of my newly created Jersey that I would like to call, "The Painted Jersey" Cause it's so bloody tight.

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Anonymous said...

hi andrew,

i really enjoy reading your blog...kepp it up!
i have one question about your Iliotibial (IT) Band, because it also bothers me now and i am not able of any running at all. what was your treatment? any good advice?

thank you very much
markus from germany

Andrew McCartney said...

Hi Markus,
Thanks for the comment, I am glad you enjoy the blog.
As for the IT band situation, I am afraid there is no quick fix because the band is like a piece of leather the key is to try and loosen up the muscles around it. I am a fan of Acupuncture and stretch, stretch, stretch. I also do regular strength building drills involving the hip abductors. You may want to visit a Chiropractor or Physiotherapist for a more personalized routine. There is the option of surgery but after you have exhausted all other treatments.
I hope this helps.
Best of luck,

Anonymous said...

thank you very much.....i am trying kinesio taping right now, it helps a little bit...but i will include your strength tips...after what period would you consider surgery...


Andrew McCartney said...

I do not know too much about the surgery procedure, but I know that the risks are slim and talking to others who have had it done believe it is a good option and greatly decrease the chance of it coming back.
Ciao for now,