23 July 2008

First Crash on a Road Bike

So tonight was Celeb Pike. Contraire to my original plan a strong rider broke away on the second lap so I went too and we were off. A Couple of laps later Stevo bridged up solo! What a machine! He bridged up and was much stronger then the two of us. So with a third member we were able to recover better. Three others bridged up including Bob Cameron, Marcel Aarden and Kelly Guest. So we worked soo well together. Very smooth, very fast. On the final lap it became rather Chaotic as attacks came often. An IRC athlete attacked from behind and I jumped onto his wheel and as we moved forward, Kelly also tried to get on his wheel. We got tangled up and the two of us went down. I ended up going over the bars and sliding into the ditch. No ones fault just something that happens. I have had a good run. 8 years of racing on the road so I was certainly due. Road Rash everywhere and the bike is looking pretty mangled. So not the way I would like to finish the last Criterium at Celeb Pike but it was fun while it lasted. Oh and sure enough the only race I do with no gloves, I crash. Which Law is that?

On a Positive note I have just been upgraded to Category 3 due to the Skagit Valley Omnium.

Time to Recover,
Ciao ciao,


Kenyon Campbell said...

I was wondering where you were in the results! Hope all heals up well and your back on the bike soon enough. Will miss the competition at Newton Heights next week if you are not there. Tegaderm is the shit for road rash (as I know from recent experience) along with pain relief neosporin.

Glad to hear your upgraded to Cat 3. I was starting to think it was going to be easy without you to compete against.

Andrew McCartney said...

Oh I will be there next Wednesday. Only flesh wounds(He he Monty Python)
I rode home from the race and rode today so I think I will be good. It is just which bike I ride Beaten up road bike or Cross Bike with road tires.