14 July 2008

From zero to Vertigo

Wow it is amazing how a weekend of racing can absolutely bring you to zero. Driving home from the Skagit Valley Omnium I felt it coming on. "This is going to take a while to recover from" Walking around the house like a Zombie and then being bed ridden with a mix of sinus pain and a migraine. I struggled through some training mid week till I was back to health. I did the Wheelers ride this weekend but kind of just ended up hanging on. Fortunately today I am definitely on the upswing. Swam this morning and felt I was pulling the water well. I finally felt the "flow" back. So I decided to head over to the Observatory. I have a Hill climb coming up. That I have been looking forward to for some time. The Mount Washington Hill Climb a mass start Hors Cat├ęgorie—approximately 16km at a brutal 8% average grade including a 3km pitch that averages 12% and has sections that approach 16%! It hurts...I can't wait. So I climbed the observatory 6 times at a steady pace and every minute I would toss in a 30sec attack or change of pace. Like I should expect in the "Vertigo Hill Climb Challenge" So I still have some work to do to get ready for this but that is still to come.
Till then,
Ciao for now,

Listening to: Coldplay - Lost!

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