14 March 2008

3 Weeks Come Past...

...and one remaining.
And so a quick update from Flagstaff; So 3 weeks almost finished and one to go. I believe I have adapted to the altitude but with the adaptation the training has picked up too. This week we will be logging at least 30 hours of training and many many miles. Training has been very intense. Near the end of the second week I had a number of moments were I was not sure I could last the 4 weeks but then I would surprise myself with a jump in fitness. All of a sudden I could manage as long as I make sure I am getting enough calories. I am still reading lots on sport Psych and Nutrition so I am applying it and I do notice the difference. With my readings I am finding ways to re-focus when times get tough either in training or out. With some helpful advice from Simon and Jordan, I have adjusted my position on the bike with a shorter stem, opening up the lungs some more and helping handling. Perhaps it is just mental but In a 90min ride I felt a difference. But the true test will be tomorrow on our usual Flagstaff Group Ride.

I am keeping up with my Guitar practice as I have new motivation. My little cousin Silas, is quite the musician! And he has recently taken up the drums. He tells me he learnt Stairway to Heavan by Led Zeppelin. A beautiful song and great guitar. So the challenge is to learn it by the time I return to Victoria so we can rock out. Silas, it is coming along nicely. I'ts all memorization now.
On the side I am working on some Cat Stevens, some Ever
last and M'aparie (see 'Breaking Away') A serenading song. He he.

But I should be off, I will leave you with a number of photo's.
I hope all is well,
Ciao for now,

Doesn't this look great. Thanks Paul for lending the car to us for our time down south.

Working Hard.

Up at the Naval Observatory.

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