16 March 2008

[S]no[w] Way!

Ok, that was corny...
So after 3 weeks of fabulous weather. Often shorts and t-shirt we must "pay the piper."

Last night it dropped from a cozy 9c to a now(noon) -4c and Snow!! Wow it has been some time since I have seen snow! I don't know if i should be excited or disappointed. Because to a Victorian snow is a big thing, I should be outside building a snow man. But on the other hand this is not a positive for training. Today it meant Base treadmill run this morning. Yup...for training I much prefer 15c+ weather. But this will have to do. So happy delayed White Christmas.

I have recently discovered an interesting group. They are The Vitamin String Quartet. What they do is they take a rock song, most often a Heavy metal song(they appreciate the Irony) and turn it into a Classical piece. Let me know what you think.

Here is The Vitamin String Quartet tribute to "Tool -Sober"

Depending on who you are you may prefer the original.
I think this is a brilliant cover.

I am off for my mid day nap.
Ciao for now,

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