11 August 2007


Well that was “Yaw.” Yaw like mentioned in ‘The Philadelphia Story.’ So what is Yaw, yaw is I suppose joy but yaw can be something different for anyone. Today, ‘Yaw’ was a workout, well I guess two workouts sort of blurred into one. But boy was it yaw, finishing a workout so tired that all you can do is smile, giggle and nurse your aching muscles.

(Click on photo for funny scene)

But here is the workout:
First off we met at Thetis Lake for a strong ride through the very hill roads of Metchosin and Happy Valley. Although I was not a 100% on the ride I hung in through some tough times. The pace was stiff as I managed to stay on the pack. I found the hills quite manageable. (Besides bad position near the beginning of the ride) Quite the ride!

Off the bike and into our running gear, my first hard workout in the new Precision 8’s. What beauties!
The set was 3km tempo, 2km tempo, 3x1km race pace and 4x400m hard all on the Galloping Goose a gravel trail along the shores of east Sooke.
So I had a solid set off the bike, I had rhythm! Calves were on the edge of cramping for the last 100m of the 3rd km and all through the 400's. On the last 400 Simon set a challenge for me and it was nice to know I still have my indoor track speed.

3km tempo
3.20, 6.45, 10.09

2km tempo
3.14, 6.34

3x1km race pace
3.12, 3.02, 3.04

2x400m hard
1.14, 1.11
2x400m cruise then sprint
1.12, 1.03

Oh that was Yaw.

Also we had a solid set in the lake making for a personal best of 15.30 for the 1400m loop in Thetis Lake the other day.

Well till next time,
Ciao for now,

Ps one last funny scene from The Philadelphia Story:

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