6 August 2007

Race Report: One step at a time

First off Happy 50th Post and Happy BC day.

So the Drummondville Quebec ITU and National Championships

I came to Drummondville with the plan to prove something. Mainly to prove something to myself. I believe I am getting closer, one step at a time but here is what happened:

Race morning I got up, had a giant breakfast at 8am. Power nap. Finished packing for the day and prepared my bike. I began riding to the course at about 11am. As soon as I arrived my nerves were settled as I socialized with fellow athletes. Coffee at noon, run, swim and I was ready to race.

After a few nervous seconds on the line the gun went off and 40 guys dashed for the river. I was a little slow off the line but made it up with an extra step and dive. I began to absolutely spin the arms like mad and had open water and the inside lane. A group of 3 formed off the front. Dano, Sean and I were pulling away and would stay away for the remainder of the swim. We exited the water very motivated to do something special.

Quick transition and we were off working together like a well oiled machine. Taking strong, smooth pulls. Sadly with such a strong chase pack including Paul Tichelaar and Victor Plata it was inevitable that we were going to be caught. So at about the 8km mark it became a pack of about 11 guys. The pack maintained its hasty pace building time on the second pack.

T2 I realized the importance of getting to the front before transition. I believe I need to work on this because of course everyone wants to get to the front. I think I just need to be a little more aggressive. So in spite of a very smooth transition I was in a poor position on to the run.
On this day I came off the bike and my running legs were there. Building into the run due to the heat I got into a rhythm. Quite a battle unfolded between Jordan, Dano and I. All of us trying to out do one another. A strong sprint for the last 250m made for a close finish between Andrew Russell, Jordan Bryden and I finishing within 10 seconds of each other.

Click here for the full results.

So overall…I have mixed feelings about the race. In one sense I am happy because all those bricks and runs off the bikes are starting to kick in on race day. On the other hand I realize that I do have more in me for the run and can probably take a bit more of a risk earlier in the race. And you always wonder about the “What ifs” like what if with a bit more assistance could we, in the front pack have stayed away.

So what’s next? Well in two weeks I will be in Kelowna at one of my favorite races. Except this year the course will take us up a massive hill several times! I LOVE IT! “Hills Kills and Always Wills!” Should be a blast! But more on that later.
Well till next time, ciao for now,

Todays Top 5
Top 5 most memorable videos according to 'Listed" MTV
  1. Johnney Cash - Hurt (Wow Emotion)
  2. Micheal Jackson - Thriller (A true Classic)
  3. Weezer - Buddy Holly (Quite humorous)
  4. Fatboy Slim - Weapon of Choice (Again quite humorous)
  5. REM -Everyone Hurts (This would be higher up on the list if it were mine)

My Honorable mentions:

Micheal Jackson - Smooth Criminal

REM - Losing my Religion

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Congrats! nice pose on the podium ;-)